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Electric Oven

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Double Deck Oven

We provide our clients Double Deck Oven which has the efficient temperature controller and is used mostly in hotels, bakery shops, canteens for baking various food items. It has a black color handle for the easy opening of the door. It consists of three buttons for its various functions and two push button for start and stop feature which starts and stop the oven instantly. It also has the rack below it which can be used for keeping the trays and the oven is provided by the four wheels for easy shifting of the machine.

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Electric Pizza Oven Conveyor

We are providing our clients Electric Pizza Oven Conveyor which has the top bottom heater selection and has the wire grill inside it due to which the pizza is properly placed inside the oven and bake the pizza properly. It has the digital display which clearly shows the time left for baking the pizza. It has a robust design and has the proper space for ventilation on the side of the oven. It needs low maintenance and low power consumption which saves the electricity as well.


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